Mater Christi Catholic Nursery/Basic School comprises of professionals and quality staff which consitute a team of achievers. We are one big family with common vision, mission, and objectives. We get better and improved while working towards achieving our overall objectives of bringing out the best in the female Child. You can join Us today in uplifting the girl child around you.

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Sorry, no recruitment is going on currently. You can check back later. Thank you for visiting!

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School Facilities:

  • A neat and well decorated premises, Landscaped Decorated Flowers

  • Digital computer laboratory with functional Information and Communication Technology (ICI)

  • Standard School coaster buses and cars for effective transport

  • Adequate sports and modern recreational facilities

  • Professional, experienced, hardworking, and well behaved teachers

  • Good water and Power supply

  • Adequate Security

  • Teaching and learning aids